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Tower of London Poppy Display Case its Made To Order

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We've been around for a while, working in the demanding beauty, cosmetic and retail sectors and increasing our reach into the world of sport, fashion, Collectible display and the arts. Our team are experts in the acrylic display business and are now established as the forerunners in creative solutions delivering visual solutions through 3D visualisation, CAD and product design with our new Plastics For You Creative Studio.

Acrylic display cases
An acrylic cube is a really versatile and durable item which is perfect for displaying just about anything you can think of. Whenever we think we've seen every possible use for an acrylic cube, another way to use acrylic cubes materialises. Acrylic display cases are a perfect way to show off a treasured item, and you don't have to limit yourself to one, as they can be used so easily together to make up an impressive acrylic cube display.

The original acrylic display cubes continue to be a very popular product. We stock them in a range of sizes, from 100mm wide to 600mm wide. Just purchase the size to suit and place your item underneath them. These items provide protection for a huge variety of items, with the crystal clear sides allowing the item to be viewed from all sides. If you're looking for a sealable solution to your display needs, we also stock cubes with black Perspex or solid wood bases for all-round protection, giving you the perfect mix of display properties - something transparent, secure and safe.

Of course, if you have a bigger collection which you'd like to show off, we'd recommend an acrylic display case or acrylic display cabinets. Freestanding or wall mounted, these will allow you to keep your possessions together, so that they can be admired together. These can work especially well for a display of small items like figurines or miniatures. Set them up as a collection of individual cabinets, or a larger enclosed bookshelf style - whichever gives more impact to your display.

Sports fans are sure to appreciate our football or rugby ball display case. They're a fantastic way to display your special game memorabilia. The cube, complete with a stand to position the ball on, also features UV protection, stopping everything from sticky fingers to harmful ultraviolet rays from damaging your sports ball.

Because we make our own acrylic display cubes, we can also provide you with square MDF pedestals in matching base sizes for you to place your cubes on, giving you a complete display solution, whatever size cube you require.

We're proud to have customers using our acrylic display cases UK-wide, for hundreds of different uses. If you'd like an acrylic cube custom made for your display, just get in touch, and we'll do our best to accommodate your particular requirements to the same precise standards you'd expect from any of our acrylic display boxes.